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Dale J. Lange, M.D., Director, Nancy Xenakis, CSW, MS, Social Worker

Dear Terry,

We cannot thank you enough for your articulate, engaging and educational presentation, Rarely Heard Insights and Choices for Hope: A Caregiver’s Perspective at our MDA/ALS Caregiver’s Forum at Mount Sinai Medical Center. This forum stemmed from a need expressed in our monthly patient/caregiver educational/support group to hold several sessions each year focused on care-giving. The forum was well attended by health care professionals, caregivers, and patients.

It was at the ALS Association’s annual Leadership Development and ALS Clinical Management Conference that two members of our MDA/ALS team were captivated by your dynamic keynote presentation and thought that your story and its powerful messages would be both helpful and inspiring to our caregivers. It has been our privilege to have you speak at our first forum. We received very positive feedback from all of our attendees about how honest and real your presentation was, how they could relate to so many of the issues you brought up and how helpful your tools for coping and recovery were. Your presentation elicited many thoughtful questions from the audience and people really valued having some time to speak to you individually afterwards. Thank you for making that time available. Several people purchased your new book, Waking Up: Climbing Through the Darkness and we plan to have copies available for people who were not able to attend the forum.

As health care professionals, your presentation provided us with new insights and concrete methods that we can incorporate into our practice to provide the most effective services that we can to both patients and caregivers.

It was a privilege having you speak and we look forward to partnering with you again in the future. You truly have a gift for speaking and inspiring others with your story and it is wonderful that you are sharing it with audiences around the country.


The Mount Sinai Medical Center

Department of Neurology & MDA/ALS Team
Dale J. Lange, M.D., Director
Nancy Xenakis, CSW, MS, Social Worker