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Cayuga County Suicide Task Force
Mental Health Subcommittee of Cayuga County
Terri Wasilenko, Chair

On behalf of the Cayuga County Suicide Task Force, the Mental Health Subcommittee of Cayuga County and the National Alliance on Mental Illness of Cayuga County, I would like to thank Terry Wise for her inspiring presentation on the dangers of depression and suicide.

Terry Wise held the attention of more than 150 social workers, therapists, families and recipients of mental health services as she told the audience how she tried to end her life by swallowing 200 percocets and 60 doses of morphine with a pint of gin. Terry shared with the audience that whether you tell your loved ones or not that you want to kill yourself, suicide shatters lives.  Terry told us that, “if you love people, you cannot kill yourself until you rationalize that your death will not dramatically impact those people’s lives.”  With this insight, Terry suggested that…telling the person about the pain their death will cause could help a loved one get the mental health services he or she needs.

Terry Wise is a courageous woman passionately sharing her life experiences to make a difference in the lives of others. I am honored to have met her and to have had the opportunity to hear her speak at Auburn Memorial Hospital. Terry is a treasure for all of us!

Terri Wasilenko
Chair, Cayuga County Suicide Task Force
Chair, Cayuga County Mental Health Subcommittee
Co-Chair, NAMI of Cayuga County, NY