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Sally Fiehrer, Executive Director

Our local NAMI affiliate, in collaboration with Quality Review Services, Inc., hosted a mental health conference “Grief, Depression & Suicide”…that featured Terry Wise.  Terry carried the full day workshop by herself.   More than just carrying the day, however, Terry managed to engage the audience with a combination of her own compelling story, [examples of] where mental illness is shown being historically handled in varying ways from insensitivity, to compassion, to indifference, tips for family caregivers, myths of suicide, and other timely aspects of her topic.

Because NAMI works with families, many of whom are themselves caretakers, Terry’s advice about self-care and setting realistic limits, again based on her own personal experience, was invaluable.  Mental health professionals, family members and consumers of mental health services all left the conference with renewed hope and practical coping skills.  Terry’s courage in telling her own story and her dedication to helping others cope under similar circumstances, sets her uniquely apart from other public speakers.

Sally Fiehrer
Executive Director, National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), Butler County, OH
Director of Programs and Community Outreach, Quality Review Services, Inc.