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Best-selling author of When Bad Things Happen to Good People

To Whom It May Concern:

I have read Ms. Terry Wise’s account of her spiraling into depression and her finding her way out of it with the help of a caring, committed therapist, and I found it to be a remarkable, deeply moving book. As you will understand, I am asked to read a great many books, perhaps forty or fifty a year, by people chronicling their personal tragedies. Most of them are more important for the author to write than for anyone else to read. Ms. Wise’s memoir is a notable exception. It is a book that has the capacity to help many people struggling with depression, and to move many readers even if they are not personally struggling with that problem. It conveys a sense of strength and self-awareness, developed over time and with great pain and deepened by the insights of Ms. Wise’s dedicated therapist. I commend it to your attention.

Yours sincerely,

Harold S. Kushner