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Judith E. Teplow, MSWDirector of Patient & Caregiver Services

Eloquently and candidly written, Terry Wise’s book demystifies the therapeutic process and helps the reader appreciate the power of therapy and the human psyche.

Ms. Wise has the courage to enter therapy and confront her demons and her psychotherapist has the insight to expand clinical practice boundaries in order to help her. Trust and empathy become the hallmarks of the therapeutic relationship which enable the patient to slowly break destructive patterns of thought and behavior.

The book provides the reader with a sensitive perspective on the magnitude and intensity of emotions that often accompany long-term caregiving, loss and grief. The author reminds us that major depression, when left unchecked, can threaten the very foundations of life.

Few books have so powerfully described the complexities surrounding depression and the real possibilities and challenges of overcoming its grip. Wise allows her readers to share her tumultuous journey that takes her from the depths of despair and isolation to the road to recovery and self-renewal.

In the process of writing this book, Wise breaks down constraints and allows herself the freedom to venture into new territory.

There are very few books that touch the lives of others and make a difference. This book is destined to become a classic of very great proportions.

Judith E. Teplow, MSW
Director of Patient and Caregiver Services
ALS Association, Massachusetts Chapter