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Jennifer Cohen Cordero
Alexandria Community Services Board

Terry Wise presented…to nearly 100 staff at the Alexandria Community Services Board.  Participants included social workers, chaplains, nurses, psychologists and other mental health and substance abuse care providers, as well as a few consumers of our services.  The one-day lecture expounded upon caregiving, grief, depression, suicidality and recovery in a unique way: from the point of view of an intelligent and articulate survivor.

Now, our staff are highly experienced and well educated.  We work directly with people with the most severe of mental conditions.  We offer numerous staff trainings each month and require several annual trainings.  So, there was a slight concern that this six-hour presentation would not teach these professionals anything particularly enlightening, and frankly, might be depressing.  Well, Ms. Wise surpassed all expectations for wit, depth, utility of information and humor!  She held our participants’ attention for the entire time and everyone appreciated her humility and courageousness in sharing her personal story.

To quote from the comments we received:

    • I am a retiring psychologist.  I wish I had heard this presentation earlier.
    • Held my complete attention the entire day, which is a first for trainings.
    • Terry should run for a political or other leadership position so that she can help more people.  Caregivers need her!
    • Brave, revealing and inspiring!
    • Helped me to see the concepts from a different, eye-opening perspective.
    • Valuable insight for any therapist who endeavors to help suicidal clients.
    • Very helpful- especially the information on promoting disclosure of suicidal ideation.
    • Comprehensive and fulfilling.
    • Phenomenal, refreshing, professional!

It is with pleasure that we offer this testimonial. We are grateful for Terry Wise’s contributions to mental health and highly recommend her to everyone.  She is a fabulous speaker and her presentation format is unique and highly effective.   If you have the chance to bring her to your group or organization don’t miss it.

Jennifer Cohen Cordero
Alexandria Community Services Board
City of Alexandria, VA
Department of Mental Health,
Mental Retardation & Substance Abuse