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Anne Douglass, Coordinator

Dear Terry,

Thank you for your willingness to speak about child sexual abuse and about your experiences. Your story helps us to understand how child sexual abuse can and does happen. The fact that you grew up in this community makes your experience all the more meaningful to us and to our work. Your life and accomplishments are both an inspiration and a call to action.

As you know, many in Newton don’t want to believe this can happen in our community. One of the Newton Partnership’s biggest challenges is breaking the silence and the denial about child sexual abuse. Your powerful words not only break that silence but strengthen our resolve to prevent other children from sharing your trauma. You talked about the signs of the abuse in your childhood that we can now learn from and use in our efforts to reach out to children and adults who may need help.

You delivered a powerful message in an eloquent, articulate, and insightful way. Your skillful use of humor helped the audience take in the horror and yet not be crushed by all they heard. The audience members were so moved by your story and your courage in coming home to Newton to tell the truth about your experiences and healing. On behalf of all the members of the Newton Partnership to Prevent Child Sexual Abuse, thank you.

With appreciation,

Anne Douglass, Coordinator